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Excella Automotive is a Toronto based automotive dealership that has taken an non traditional angle on used vehicles

We strongly believe that used cars should not be left behind just because they lack GPS system/outdated or vehicle doesn't have backup camera or doesn't have Apple CarPlay/AndroidAuto phone interface

We don't just sell/maintain/repair vehicles - we also modify them to gain much needed convenience & safety features. Our android based radio units not only function great - the also look amazing. HD resolution touchscreens that come with vehicle specific frame adapters to fit like a glove. Once it is installed it will look like it is meant to be there, like OEM!

Excella Automotive has been in business since 2009 serving its customers in GTA, in the last few years we have been investing into finding best fitting and best performing android based radio units that can be easily installed by anyone. All radio units offered by Excella Automotive are hand picked from thousands of variations for their reliability - user interface - specification/performance - and ease of installation

All units are 95% to 100% plug & play - only a hand full of units will require wire to wire manual connection and instructions are provided where applicable

All of our units come with one year warranty*

We take pride in offering wide range of services including this. All, with no exception, android based radios are crossed checked for compatibility with our manufacturer to make sure we get our customers proper integration in their vehicles

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