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BMW general installation guide

This is a general guide for BMW unit installation - some models will vary slightly from general guide


Remove center air vents 

*Disconnect negative battery terminal

Remove 2 screws holding the screen

Remove AC control panel and Radio control panel

Once the radio unit is exposed - remove remaining screws

Unplug main connector and other accessory wires if necessary to pull the radio out

Transfer Fiber Optic cable

IMPORTANT: Fiber optic cable MUST be transferred over into the new T harness provided otherwise there will be no sound!

Once that is completed plug in power cable into the new unit and reconnect battery. *****Please note that even if your vehicle is off first time when unit is connected and there is power in the car - unit will turn on by itself even if ignition is not on. It is normal and expected, once ignition cycle is complete unit will be in sync with BMW radio control unit for turning ON and OFF

Once everything confirmed to be working - reassemble the vehicle!

If you have no sound please do the following:

*** Make sure that you have connected AUX cable coming off the new T harness into the AUX port of the vehicle. Once AUX is connected, go to OEM BMW menu and select audio to be played from AUX

*** To switch between Android Menu and BMW press and hold Menu button on iDrive controller

*** OEM menu image correction - go to SETTINGS -> Factory Settings -> pass code is 1314 -> scroll down to find Vehicle Screen/Protocol -> select most appropriate -> check. Repeat as needed


*** My original camera not showing up - go to SETTINGS -> Reverse/Rear of the car -> select original camera or 360 as applicable

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